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Why Mobile?

Why upgrade an aged website and replace it with a new one…?

For starters, 80% of internet users are on their mobile devices. 83% of mobile users expect a flawless experience.

(source: techjury)

The Big Problem

The overwhelming majority of business websites were developed for desktop, or laptop viewing. Regardless of how gorgeous and how well those sites display on larger screens, they fall well short of any acceptable measure on a smartphone or tablet. When mobile users go to sites not built for mobile, they often experience text they can’t read, the site loads slow, it displays poorly and features are often broken or missing. Your prospective customers expect a responsive website. According to the tech jury, 61% of mobile users will never return to a mobile adaptive website.


Why do you need to go mobile today?

1 - Consumers

When a potential customer lands on a website from their mobile device, it has to deliver the info they need quickly and establish your brand as the superior choice. If it loads slow, is difficult to read, and is not easily navigated, consumers will leave the website and move on to a competitor.

2 - Credibility

A website that does not function flawlessly on mobile devices can cause irreputable damage to a companies brand and send consumers off the website and to a competitor's.

3 - Competition

A website should be generating revenue for its company, not a competitor's.

4 - Advertising

Protect all of your advertising dollars, spent online or off, with a mobile-optimized website. A non-mobile site will dramatically diminish your advertising return on investment potential.


Google SEO Ranking Factor

“Mobilegeddon,” Google’s adjustment to its search algorithm, makes mobile-optimized websites a significant factor in a company’s ability to rank in search results.


Meaning, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t meet Google’s standards. Not meeting those standards makes it extremely difficult for customers to find your company, your service, and your website


Google owns 92.27% of search engine market share. Their adjustment in favor of mobile-friendly websites means that other commercial service or home service companies that have sites that meet Google’s standards will rank higher in search results.


Google announced that this change “will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

HTTPS SEO Ranking Factor

Every customer expects and deserves a secure online experience.


That is why all Patriot FBS websites that we develop for our clients come with HTTPS, the secure protocol for which data is passed between a website and a web browser. This protects your customer’s connection to your website.


Google’s deadline for websites to upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS has come and gone. Google will now explicitly warn your website visitors if your website is not secure, based on whether it’s HTTPS or not. It is a known ranking signal for Google.


Failing to meet Google’s standard on HTTPS undoubtedly increases a website’s bounce rate because the ‘not secure’ Google flag will be boldly displayed in the address bar and scare visitors away. Even a loyal customer could consider steering clear of doing future business with your company.


Another negative repercussion of being labeled ‘Not Secure” is a website will see a drop in its search rankings. Ignoring this standard will prove costly in many ways!

Google Page Speed SEO Ranking Factor

Another impact on a potential customer’s ability to find your company in a search is Google’s “Speed Update.” Google’s algorithm to rank pages now factors in how long it takes for your website and its pages to load. Slow-loading websites negatively affect a website’s ability to rank higher in search results.


A website that loads slowly also sees higher visitor bounce rates. The visitor’s experience on slow sites will cause them to leave and jump to a competitor’s website that performs better.


Every website we design for our clients loads ultra fast. Our sites meet and exceed Google’s speed standards.


Turn aged and poor-performing sites into revenue-generating machines.