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Google Business Profile Optimization

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Google Business Profile: Critical for Any Serious Contractor or Service Company

As a contractor or service company, it is essential to claim and optimize your Google My Business (GBP) profile to reap the many benefits it offers. Formerly called Google My Business, Google Business Profile allows you to control how your business appears on Google Maps and in local search results, but it can also help you improve your visibility and ranking in those results. This increased exposure can lead to more website visitors and phone calls from potential customers, making GBP an invaluable tool for businesses looking to grow their customer base.


Furthermore, by successfully claiming and optimizing your GBP profile, you stand out from the competition online for potential customers searching for your company’s products and services. Contractors and Service Companies need to demonstrate to potential customers that they are reliable and reputable businesses that provide outstanding service. A Google Business Profile is a great tool to achieve just that.

Better Google Map Results

Did you know that your Google Business Profile also directly affects how you appear in Google Maps results?


That is right – optimizing your GBP profile is a key part of any digital marketing strategy and can make a big difference in how many customers you are able to reach.


When potential customers search for contractors or service companies in Google, the Google Map Pack puts your company’s name, service area, phone number, website, and even reviews right at the top of the search results. It is a terrific way for contractors and service companies to get their business name and information in front of potential customers. That means that potential customers can easily find your company and learn more about what you do. Plus, if you have good reviews, they can really help set you apart from the competition.

google business profile optimization
Google Business Profile Optimization

The Patriot FBS Solution

At Patriot FBS, we understand that as a business owner, you may not have the time to manage your Google Business Profile. That is why we offer our services to help you optimize and manage your profile so you can focus on what is important – running your business. Our team of experts can claim and manage your Google Business Profile, ensuring that your business is found by more people.

Reputation Management Application

From a single dashboard: Compile reviews from dozens of sites to manage your online reputation and see how you compare to the competition.

Show up where people are looking: Identify inaccurate or missing online business listings on essential directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing to improve your search rank.

Hear what customers are saying: Monitor your business for mentions across the web, including news sites, blogs, and social networks. Use automated sentiment analysis to identify positive and negative mentions.

Stay informed with automated reports and alerts: Gain valuable insights into your performance, while alerts help you stay up to date on new information as it becomes available. These tools can help you get the information you need to make smart decisions for your business.

Image of man in plaid shirt pointing to a positive five star review.
Google Business Profile Optimization

At Patriot FBS, we understand the challenges that contractors and service companies face when it comes to online marketing. That is why we offer our comprehensive solution for optimizing and managing your Google Business Profile. Our team of experts can help you get found online, engage with your customers, and gain valuable insights into your business performance. With our service, you can focus on what is important – running your business – while ensuring that you are maximizing your online presence and reaching new customers. So why wait? Contact us today.

The Benefits:

Get Found Online

Businesses that show up in the Local Three-Pack on Google receive a 700% boost in potential clicks. These are the map results that show just below the paid ads in Google search results. An optimized GBP listing will help your visibility and improve local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Engage With Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is an essential metric, and actively managed listings can receive up to 5x more reviews than those that are not. This increase in customer interaction can lead to increased sales and purchase opportunities by 80%.

Respond Easily

Customers are 50% more likely to purchase from businesses that regularly respond to reviews, making it an important part of any marketing strategy. Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, responding quickly and thoughtfully demonstrates your commitment to providing excellent customer service

Gain Insight

Google commands a 90% share of the mobile search market. Refine your marketing strategies and boost your search performance with in-depth insights into how customers are discovering your business.